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A young artist exploring with different styles and subjects of paintings.  I grew up in Plymouth, a small city in Devon, which I still think is a great place to live for an artist such as myself. We have many beaches close by, which I’ve photographed, there’s the beautiful barbican and the Hoe which I have painted. We also have the Moors, a National Park, that I’ve used for photographs and again, paintings. This area has definitely inspired me and helped me start my artist career because I loved capturing the beauty of where I live. I have been to different places including Turkey, Florence and Venice which have all influenced a part of my work. I photographed and also painted some of those places which I enjoyed. The photography I did was documenting the culture and people there, and the landscapes as well.


My work consists of mostly abstract pieces and paintings with Pointillism. Although I am 18 years old, I know what style of work I love creating. In the beginning, it started with me making sculptures using clay for my GCSE, and after I knew I wanted to continue with art. Abstract art is something I’ve admired for a long time, which began simply just looking at wall art from stores. I would say the love for painting it started when I began looking at the style Pointillism and I explored that and my ideas. A big influence for me was Paul Signac. I then researched more into abstract art and different styles, which I came upon Jackson Pollock and his work. I was inspired by his technique which I used for my response to his paintings. Since then I’ve gotten into more abstract artwork and painted different subjects including landscapes so there are a few styles I work with. I took A-level Art and Photography and am now going to take my artist career further by doing an Art and Design Foundation course at Plymouth College of Art.

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