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I am a self-taught artist living in a little village just outside Cambridge. I am a mother of three children, my youngest is severely disabled and is nonverbal and having to be his voice has given me more of an understanding of different emotions.

My paintings are telling my story reflecting on past and present events in my life, expressing my thoughts and feelings, and incorporating those of others. I have a love for interior design-loving to mix up different textures and colors. I paint with freedom of expression as to how I am feeling at the time and with whatever comes into my mind conveying it into my creation. Painting has become my therapy helping me release deep feelings and relieve anxieties. I get immense joy and happiness when dancing and listening to music which I will often do whilst painting, which helps me go deeper into thought. Each painting I produce is different as I love the element of surprise. Connecting images from my mind taking flashes of color and shapes from the environment around me. Acting out with movement projecting into Paintings and Using the simplicity of nature to add beauty bringing life and soul.

I mainly use acrylics on paper, stretched canvas and canvas board.

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