Linda discovered her talent for painting in 1982 when a few friends decided to take a day-out. They went to an art studio in the small West Texas town where she lived. Linda remembers, “I had never painted or had any art education but watching an artist paint gave me a desire to try. I bought oil paints, brushes, canvas, and an easel and set up on the kitchen table, the only available space in my home. I was surprised when I had painted “Barn in the Rain” 3 days later. This experience sparked a passion and was the beginning of my painting career.”

Linda settled in Houston, Texas in 2017, and began marketing under a new name, 'Painting Betzalel'. This means ‘Painting in the Shadow of God’. With no professional connections, Linda made personal contacts to Houston’s art galleries and within a few months, “Barn in the Rain” and “Inspired by the Rose” were on exhibit at Arden's Fine Art Gallery on West Alabama Street. She took advantage of social media sites to market her art, specifically the professional site LinkedIn, hoping someone would notice the potential of ‘The Gift’ she was given.

I have painted many artworks throughout the years, mostly in oils, my favorite medium. All my paintings are inspired by events in my life or those of someone dear to me, and each one has a story that completes it. These are on the MY STORIES link on my website.

I enjoy painting commissions, using a photograph or someone’s special memory. I have painted many commissions, including pet portraits throughout the years and given ‘Encouragement Classes’ to those wishing to discover their hidden gift.


Giclée scans of my paintings make it possible for my clients to request almost any type of reproduction on several materials including Roland paper, canvas (sheet or gallery-wrapped), acrylic, aluminum (great for outdoor/indoor kitchens and baths). Removable wallpaper which replaces the need to paint a scene on a wall can be an impressive accent as a ceiling inset.

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