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As my art practice evolves, I am conscious of a shift in my approach to my work. I am contemplating and examining why I work the way I do and what drives me on in this rather unusual process I have adopted.


Looking at the Arts and Crafts Movement, I am inspired by the characteristics of this crusade. William Morris's vision to produce beautiful things with traditional craft and artistic methods is now front and center of my own practice.


With its rectilinear motifs, the Arts and Craft Movement is influential in a new body of work. Simple shapes, the play of color, the interruption of line, are at the forefront of a new collection. Although obviously not functional, my desire is to have a high aesthetic value with workmanship being a regarded component of my artwork.


With art as expressionism and craft as a form of work, I am interested in the combination of these two aspects, how they read together, and the perception of this juxtaposition to the viewer.