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My name is Lisa Brunelius and I´m a artist from Oxelösund, Sweden. I´m 41 years old and live in Oxelösund with my husband and our two children. During the day I´m working as a preschool teacher with children in the ages between 3-6 years. In my sparetime I love to just be with my family, exercise and of course paint a piece or two.

Art have always been a part of my life. When I were younger I loved to draw and paint. In my early days my parents put me in a artschool for children in the evening once a week and it were the highlight of the week every time. During the years me and my father have attended a few akvarellcourses together. In the early 2000 I studied art for one year at Nyköping folkhögskola. I´m mostly sef-taught, maybe not the ultimate in every perspective, but that´s the good thing with art…….it is in the eye in the beholder. My creativity have been blossomed the last year because I been told that my art are unique and make people fell something. That have made me believe in myself and slowly built up a confidence, which make me so happy and the creativity growing even more.

When I paint I let go of all my emotions and just let the colours and forms talk to me. My main materia are acryl and akvarell. I want my art to tell you something and make you look behind the painting. Sometimes I sketch a motive before I put on the colour, but just as often the motive grow in it´s own way. Last year I begun to paint hands and added figures around them. This were something I continue with because I think hands can tell you so much depending of theirs position and if you add the figures you really get a story. In my akvarell you see a lot of music and dance, two things which I think is very important in life. When I hear a good song I just let everything go and dance right there and now, maybe my paintings don´t make you go so far but my expactation are that you get just that feeling inside…….sometimes you must pause life and all ”must do”and and why not with a dance or two.

My inspiration is based on my life, other artist and life itself. I hope you like my art and that it make you think ones, twices or even more. I love to paint and I hope that reflects in my artwork.

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