Lisa Harper  Bruised 50x70x5 Folded pape



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I have worked in the media industry for many years, as a television reporter and producer, and as a PR consultant.
Using imagery to tell stories, designing impactful photography concepts, and art directing photo shoots, are elements of my work that I particularly enjoy.
However, I have always wanted to develop my own art, but had never found time, until the Coronavirus lockdown.
I create unique, abstract, 3D, folded paper collages, which are inspired by my experiences in the changing world around me.
Eye-catching colour combinations, texture and angular shapes are key features of my pieces, and I use different techniques to produce distinctive shapes and a range of effects.
I predominantly work with quality reused, repurposed, and recycled paper, from many sources, including magazines, calendars, luxury shopping bags and stationery. I am also experimenting with upcycling other materials, to create beautiful and innovative art, that extends the useful life of everyday items and reduces waste.
My pieces reflect emotions and thoughts, triggered by subjects ranging from current affairs and memorable events to the natural world.

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