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Lisa grew up in rural Oregon with her family on forty forested acres.  She has been enthusiastically drawing and telling stories with pictures since she was old enough to stop eating her crayons.  Lisa’s second grade teacher noted at  a parent teacher conference that “Lisa is the only student I’ve ever had who draws elaborate animal scenes on her math papers that extend all the way off the page and onto the back;" the ratio of art to math foreshadowed where her future lay.  Her family moved to Nairobi, Kenya for two years when she was 13. This complete world change was to shape her artwork, broaden her world view and change the very essence of her life.


In 1993, Lisa was awarded a master's degree and spent fifteen years working as an MSW in different medical settings practicing crisis intervention.  Art was her lifeline, flowing colors and ornate shapes bringing release from the often overwhelming nature of the work.


A close call brought her to a career crossroads. She switched gears and taught herself to be a real estate investor. Partnering with her husband,  she built one of a growing number of female-led real estate holding companies in Oregon.  


This career choice gave Lisa the freedom to circle back and return to her youthful love of drawing and painting.  Although a lifelong extrovert, Lisa had been shy about showing her artwork in public. Deciding to overcome this, she dipped her toe into the artistic waters, joining a diverse group of artists who met weekly at the local community college. She had found her people; a  few dozen mostly retired, mostly female, uniformly sassy artists, who actively cheered each other on and shared support and joy in the creation of art.


That initial hesitant toe-dip morphed into a full-fledged racing dive about three years ago, when with the support of friends and family, Lisa started to post her work on social media.


A year later she had been hired to design labels and merchandise for a local farm, and her artistic stage fright faded away.  She was accepted into the iconic annual women’s art show “Siren Nation” at Portland City Hall and had a solo show at the Taborspace Community Center in Portland. In February of 2020, she was accepted as an “Artist in Residence” at the Chateaux Orquevaux Artist Residency in central France, where she was a recipient of the Denis Diderot Grant for aspiring artists. Two of her paintings are part of the permanent collection on display at the residency. She and her husband enjoyed some sightseeing after the residency ended. They left the Continent just as the Corona virus began shutting the world down.


Lisa remains as allergic to straight lines and boring colors as she was to second grade math. The scope of her work tells Lisa's story, from a biting tableau of the social injustice in this troubled world, to tenderly vivid colors revealing the perfection of nature, in shades that nature doesn't remember. Her artistic vision is her own, and, like herself, does not exist as background to lull us to sleep. Lisa's art is infused with an exquisitely bold use of multiple colors, other-worldly organic patterns, and seeming chaos resolving into a unique vision, often with a splash of refreshing humor all her own.

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