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Nilina is an architect / project manager by profession and in no way has any relation to art as a career. Although she's always enjoyed art from her childhood, for a long time, she had only pursued it as a hobby. But then there came a time when she wanted to break away from all the hustle-bustle in her life and invest some time on something where she could feel free and let herself completely relax. That's when she rediscovered painting. She'd done it before but this time, it gave her a whole new meaning and this eventually led her to brand her collection and works under the name of 'Lizzy's Canvas'.


Her artworks are mostly mixed media acrylic paintings on canvas. In fact, she had started out with plain acrylic paintings but when she stumbled upon the use of textures on canvas, she had been blown away and there has been no turning back since. Honestly, she feels incomplete if her artworks don't have any textures on them.


All her creations are very close to her heart and unique for the reason that most usually, they're the products of her emotional outbursts. She doesn't paint unless and until her hands are itching to do so or her heart is yearning to smear some paint on the canvas surface. She states that she understands that perhaps, this is not the right way to be more visible in front of a crowd but she believes that this is one reasons why her artworks stand out.

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