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Some people say that my artwork or even I myself am crazy. That is why I chose the nom de plume (a pseudonym) Loco.
Everything started in 2018 so let me first sketch my biography. My name is Vlastik, I come from Czech Republic and moved to Germany in 2003. I became very ill, even depressive and my last hope was a small clinic.
Then, I engaged with art and dance therapy. Ever since, I’ve loved both painting and dancing which became huge parts of my life.
Driven by the intense processes , I painted 60 pictures within the 10 weeks I spent in the clinic.
Those that see my art often reflect that they see a lot of motion or dance within my pictures. Abstract dynamism but also primary emotions such as fear, anger, sadness and joy…
I gifted most of my artwork to friends that took a fancy to it. And many of them gifted me by sharing what my paintings mean to them.
A short story of one such reception may illustrate best what I mean by this:

In the clinic, I met a young university student who was, like me, often sick and did not know how to persevere in life. When she left the hospital, I gifted her one of my paintings which she went on to frame and hang on the wall of her kitchen, even with a fitting light installation.
One day she told me:
“In these moments when things are wearing me down and I cease to know whether I want to live on, I go into the kitchen and immerse myself in your painting. I sit in front of it and gaze at it intently. After sometime, I get up again and I remember that life does hold meaning.
People like us, who have experienced intense suffering, can create symbols of our emotions that encompass a multitude of expressions. Your painting gives me the hope and strength to live on.”
This reception left me speechless. Every picture is a part of me. It expresses my mood in the moment I paint it. Just the fragment of a second, a volatile moment of my internal life, spellbound with paint and pencil.

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