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Lola Kafantari was born in Greece but has lived in Paris since 2010. Her paintings are the result of a long trajectory of senses and materials which lead to her “seeing” with her hands, as she describes it. She paints things as she perceives them, be they ideas, emotions, words, or points of view. Her universe is thus transformed into lines, curves and colours, in a range of perspectives, depths, and expressions. By extracting abstractions, both symbols and reality are transformed into an "indefinite" art with no precise artistic movement.

“Creation is in itself an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me

and my work is imbued with its diversity!”

Unfortunately, all 2020 events have been cancelled as a result of the pandemic, but it is nevertheless rich period for reflection, and she is currently preparing a series of works on the theme of the heart.

Her preferred mediums are oils, inks, acrylics and pastels, on canvas, paper and textiles - depending on the moment or theme of the work.

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