Hello, my name is Loris Mauerhofer.
I am a fairly young artist, who is relatively new to the scene.
I was born in Switzerland in February of 2002 and developed a big Interest in art and all creative forms of expression very early in my life. Frequent visits to museums and art
galleries helped to futher shape my passion for experimenting with different media and
ways of expression.

Today, after having graduated fom the first step of higher education here in Switzerland, I am more able than ever, to put all my energy, emotion and inner world into my art.
My creative works span from writing, composing music, photography, all over to painting, which is my most important and dearest creative and emotional outlet.
I draw Inspiration from all kinds of places, like Literature, Philosophy, Music and Psychology but mostly from my own Emotions and the thoughts in the back of my head that demand to be brought to the canvas.
Most of my paintings are on the abstract site, utilising textures and a natural color palette, while leaving the beholder room to project landscapes and his own interpretations onto them.
My main focus is on not only expressing my own feelings but also conveying said feelings to the person standing in front of the Picture and hopefully provoking an emotional reaction and experience.

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