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Lotta Sirén is a Finnish self-taught abstract artist from the Helsinki region. In 2018 she studied in Business University and worked at an IT consulting company, but something didn’t feel right. At the end of 2018, she started experimenting with acrylics and immediately found her true passion and happiness. A few months later she left everything to become a full-time artist.

Now her life goals are to reduce stress and spread the happiness of doing more of what makes one happy. “I consider painting a powerful way of therapy to calm my anxiety.” Her paintings are not about a certain subject, but rather about expressing her feelings in movements and colors, largely affected by the music she listens to while creating.

Lotta has rapidly grown her collector and follower base and has had multiple exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

“Lotta will be one of the big names from Finland. Lotta’s handwork has movement almost like a dance, startlingly beautiful shapes, and color combinations. The self-taught artist’s technique is of a high level, and in a very short time, she has gained popularity among many who admire abstract art.” 

- Rigulio Graak, Cultural Producer & Curator

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