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Lottie Heart is a Mancunian based artist, born, bred and based in the heart of the city.

Lottie stumbled into the art world whilst an inpatient on a mental health unit in 2019. Art therapy was one of the ways in which helped her to heal and overcome her mental breakdown.

The arts have always been a keen interest. Lottie has a bachelor's degree in English, Drama and Performance studies, in which Performance Art played a key role. She is currently studying The History of Art with the Open University and hopes to combine this with Art Therapy in the future.

Lottie’s work is bright, vibrant and full of energy.

“I use bright, vibrant colours and textures to create a tactile aesthetic. I love people to touch my work and to feel the energy that has gone into the final piece. I use acrylic and other materials on canvas, but I would quite happily paint on anything.’

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