Born and raised in Ottawa, On, Canada

I’ve always had a creative side. In college, I attended a program called Fine Crafts where I learned to dabble in several artistic disciplines such as Art History, pottery, painting, working with silver, and others. Also took a few local painting classes along the way

Most of my adult life the creativity was put on the back burner until about 18 months ago when I retired from 30yrs in Public Service. Needing to remain busy, creativity was rekindled. I discovered alcohol inks and was fascinated by this medium. I am self-taught in this medium and continue to discover different techniques. I love working with inks and alcohol as they seem to have a mind of their own. The control you have in the outcome is sometimes limited but there are several techniques that one can use. The results are fascinating.

In the last year, I have also begun painting with acrylics

Several pieces were donated to charitable fundraisers such as

Canadian Cancer Society, Alzheimer’s Society, Relay for Life, a fundraiser for Breast Cancer.

Recently created a Facebook page for my art- Louise Boyd Creations- which continues to be a work in progress.

I hope to continue being creative for years to come

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