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Louise Charlotte Eames, I am a gestural abstract painter, who has a great interest in exploring the relationships between my embedded knowledge of visual knowledge acquired, aesthetic sensibility and improvisatory practice. I aim wherever possible to paint in a free-ranging manner, to encourage this I work at a quick pace and endeavour not to visualize the final outcome. If I find myself doing this, I re-emphasize the making process and try to work as freely as I am able, attempting to avoid the infiltration of more rational thought processes. I look for chance encounters and juxtapositions and relish ‘mistakes’. For this reason, I really respond to Joan Miro’s painting and prints, ‘When I stand in front of a canvas I never know what I’ll do and I am the first one surprised at what comes out’. Trevor Bell to comments, ‘the ideal studio is a moment of nothingness when all notions of art practice, ideas, and processes give way to just painting’. Tony Cragg also comments, ‘I don’t control the content, I’m thinking about it, but I don’t control it.’ I love brash, bright and zinging colors and the lush materiality of full-bodied acrylic paint. I relish the act of painting and the handling of paint. My influences are varied and include such items as Street furniture – signs and road markings, man-made, detritus, organic, traditional and biomorphic forms. The improvisatory nature and processes of modern jazz, as well as other art forms that use process including poetry, drama, and dance.

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