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Born 1971 in North Wales, I grew up appreciating the beauty of the countryside all around me. My formal education began in 1989 at North Wales College of Art Design, which then followed onto my graduation 1993 from the University of Central Lancashire with a BA Honours in Advertising and Communication Design.


My career took a path in the Advertising & Marketing field for the next 25 years working as a Creative Director, along with being a wife and mother of two. During this period it left me very little or no time to develop my painting passion.


In April 2020 when all was uncertain in the world, it gave me the opportunity to pick up my brushes once again and helped to push me out of my comfort zone, allowing experimentation, transformation, growth, and ultimately finding my voice - my language - as an artist once again. What was once a sporadic hobby many years ago began to grow overnight, and I found myself totally submerged once again in my joy of freedom in creativity - and in life.


As a child, I’ve always been intrigued by the landscape of the sky and spent endless hours staring upwards, wondering where does it end? That is where my painting journey begins.  Clouds and complex skies seem to have a depth of character as distinct and multiplex as we do ourselves. They affect my mood often provoking and inspiring me in ways that we may be completely unaware of at the time. I create a separate reality, different from the natural world around us. Capturing the intangible in my paintings has become the main focus and the mysteries of our beautiful planet.


As skies are often the most abstract part of a landscape, I have fun conveying energy and drama with big brushstrokes applied with freedom. J.M.W. Turner has mostly influenced my painting by the basic elements of color, shape, and volume.


Today you’ll most often find me painting in my converted garage/studio in Cheshire, along with my faithful Dalmatian Minty laid by my side, creating artwork with abstract layers and unique compositions, each with depth and mystery allowing the paintings to be perceived differently by every viewer.  

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