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Born in 1973, in France, the name of Louv appeared in 2010, a moment in my life when taking a brush and letting the colors mix became a necessity.
I haven’t taken any courses or tendencies other than those of my personal feelings and aspirations.
I mostly paint with acrylic, but I sometimes use watercolour or even collage. I also sometimes put my paintings in perspective by associating them with other objects (mobile canvases, folding screen...)
I especially like to melt the colors and give them meaning by connecting them by reliefs and drawing.
This year (2019), sometimes finding the frames too small, I realized murals inside and outside, on different supports (wall board, wood, concrete, parpaing). I still work with the paint brush but have completed my range of tools with rollers. Other techniques are still to try.
The creation has this pleasant, everything is possible, just dare!
All my achievements are abstract, everyone sees what he wants and what I see stay in the bottom of my eyes :-)

I look forward to sharing it with you

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