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Wildish paints primarily in acrylics and mixed media with much of her work metallic in some nature, thought to be inspired by an obsession in what she thinks started in childhood when she regularly played with her grandmas costume jewellery!


Wildish' work is best known for her use of explosive colour, shine, bold marks and emotion on the canvas.

Movement and flow from the body alongside emotional and environmental influences help create her connection on the canvas. The work is routed in battles of mind and body, energy that comes and goes and light and metallic that signifying hope.

The work has a spiritual feel and very much comes from her longing to create work for people that makes their small corner of the world or room feel - feel calm, feel excited, hopeful and connected.

The potential for chaos and for it to all go wrong on the page in that moment is what drives her in the process,  she enjoys taking risks with colour - always influenced by her own energy, place, atmosphere and environment. The idea that there is a conflict, something problematic that needs resolving on the canvas, something that needs hope and resolution -  the outcome is an equilibrium of colour. 

'There is something magical that happens when you pick up a paintbrush when you are overwhelmed by an emotion, or the weather outside is atmospheric, I love to witness what happens on the canvass on those days'

Wildish started painting in her teens and used to create abstract murals on walls for her friends and family. She has had a successful career in the arts spanning over 25 years, and whilst mostly within the performing arts industry as a producer and director, she has always continued to paint and create visual art throughout her project work and career.

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