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Lorrie Pethick is no stranger to the art world. After taking a brief hiatus to raise her three daughters, she has reignited her passion for painting. Lorrie works primarily with oil to create eye-catching portraits, using bold colors to highlight the intricacies of each face. Her new and upcoming project Faces.Lp encapsulates the abstract expression of these portraits. In her “Face With No Name” Collection, each portrait remains unnamed in order for the public to name them on their own, as to make a connection with a piece that may remind them of someone. Each portrait is raw in its own way, displaying an uninhibited and fresh outlook on the individual. Lorrie is based in Los Angeles, California, and hoping to engage in pop-up shops throughout the LA area. She actively updates her Instagram, @faces.lp, with each new portrait she paints and also enjoys working on customized paintings upon request. Be sure to check out her work, and feel free to reach out!

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