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Luca Argento was born in 1997 in the province of Agrigento. He graduated from the “Filippo Juvara” artistic high school in San Cataldo and then attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo where he now lives and works. Since the early years of artistic studies, he has shown a particular predisposition for abstract and symbolic painting. He has produced experimental works and is constantly looking for innovative and original art through new expressive forms. Recently he has participated in the exhibition and sensory itineraries In cultural centers, literary cafès, and on the occasion of private events. He publishes his works on the web where he receives many appreciations from numerous national and international artists and galleries. His latest project is entitled “The dynamics of Chaos” the word “chaos” evokes the eternal dichotomy between order and disorder, between light and darkness, between knowledge and ignorance, between nothing and existence. This concept has been analyzed  and interpreted  by the artist  for different

perspectives with  sounds, installations, paintings, and photographic ideas, in an exciting journey from the origin of Chaos

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