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Lucy White subverts the suburban American identity with her schematic paintings of guns, flags, and panties, as well as essential American icons such as pizza, donuts, and beer. Her art incorporates organic materials as diverse as leaves, dirt and seaweed; household products including dishcloths, Handiwipes, Kotex, and Band-Aids; and consumer artifacts such as thongs, vibrators, Tootsie Rolls, and Zip-Loc bags.

 From an essay on her work: “Lucy White’s use of non-traditional materials links her with mid-twentieth-century Pop Art… By definition she may be even more aligned with Arte Povera in her combination of conceptualism, minimalism, and the use of valueless materials. These materials, as well as her overtly domestic subject matter, are tributaries of feminism blended with earlier art movements.” (From: The New Painting, by Ann Lloyd Wilson, for the DecordovaMuseum) 

 Lucy has exhibited in major galleries and museums in the United States including: Rose Art Museum, DeCordova Museum, Portland Museum of Fine Art, Maine Center for Contemporary Art, The Institute of Contemporary Art at MCA, Hunterdon Museum of Art, Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, Fuller Art Museum, Boston Center for the Arts, Mario DiaconoGallery, and solo shows with the Bernard ToaleGallery in Boston. Her work is in selected collections including: Fidelity Investments, Ritz-Carlton, Wellington Management, DeCordova Museum, Rose Art Museum, and Timberland.