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Since their childhood they always remember her drawing. She embraces all artistic disciplines as a creative and vital need, assuming them with decision, as territories to be explored. Reflection, charm and elegance are what characterize Luisa Maria Benito's approach. 

Recently she started to be fascinated by digital illustration, where she is creating her own style, evocative and feminine.Her curiosity for Design and Art led her to study Design at The School of  Fine Arts and later Interior Architecture at The School of Design in Madrid. She completed her training with a Master's Degree in Design at ESED. (Escuela Superior Estilistas Diseñadores ) 
Luisa María experiments with the analysis, the emotions and the most surrealist symbolism in her Collections, expressing it from a sensual and aesthetic sense, evoking aromas and intelligence in equal parts.
Her work connects with the artistic vanguards of the last century, giving shape to a new concept that she calls Neo-Vanguardism.
Her unmistakable expressive power, does not leave indifferent the clients that acquire her works, allowing to interact with the images, the compositions and the color, to discover Optimistic Worlds full of charm and good taste, that inspire a set of unique contemporary ways. 

Inject in these moments of Pandemic by Coronavirus a hope, or visual joy that transmits this positive attitude. Her projects are full of symbolism and delicate details, with which she creates infinite visual games. Her creative plasticity integrates naturally into any contemporary style and space.

Confinement diary / 2020

During the quarantine, she made a -confinement diary- expressed in Collage_Art : Collection /COVID-2020/, /Collection Year 0/, /Collection Windows/, /Collection Post Covid /
And during this period her works have been exhibited at CAM Covid Art Museum [The world's 1st museum for art born during Covid19 quarantine ]on line.
On the rrss networks of Artservatory Center of Modern Art of Russia.
And shows on the television news programmes Spanish TVE-1 and ETV.

December 2019 Selected as an emerging collage artist  Con A de Arte. Madrid
March 2020 Collage Festivalie Group Exhibition . Espacio B. Madrid.
June 2020 Participation in the fancine  digital magazine of international plastic artists @fancineultraviolenta. A project that brings together artists and designers who freely express the same idea in a single format (analog and digital). "In June : Poison "

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