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Born on March 2, 1975 in Elvas, Alentejo, Portugal and from the first days of life he lives in Sesimbra, a land he calls of his own, since he never lived in another.

 A self-taught artist, he feeds and unleashes this passion for painting with the intrinsic curiosity of which he was endowed.

 He has a particular taste for modern and contemporary. He expresses in his creations, all sorts of feelings, sensations, emotions and experiences, not only his own, but also of those around him. He bases on instinct and intuition and simply lets it flow. It's in lyrical abstractionism movement that he feels better, and where he gets fulfillment and satisfaction.

 He applies various techniques and explores various materials, pleasing him to innovate and discover new ways of expressing himself to bring his art to the public and also as a way of self-knowledge. 

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