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Luz is an artist who lives in the beautiful town of Guildford, England since 2014. She is originally from Venezuela, South America, with a Spanish background. This is probably the reason why she enjoys painting landscapes from Spain or from the Caribbean so much. In spite of the seaside scenery being her favourite theme, she does love the scenery of the country she is currently living in, England. She found the colour contrasts in its countryside to be very aesthetically pleasing to paint.


When she was a child, her mum would be the one to encourage her to do art and made her join a small art workshop for some months in her home town. This truly was what ignited her passion about art so she carried on teaching herself; it became her ambition for life. 


After she finished University, she was working as an Actuary and had also started a family, so finding the time for art became quite difficult. Luckily, she has found again the energy and motivation that she once lacked because life was happening. 


Luz loves oils, acrylics and watercolour.  Every artwork has a motive or inspiration behind it, which makes every piece unique.

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