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From being a very young child I loved to draw, but never thought of myself as an artist. (Though while at school, 3 of my 11 GCE's  were in Art ), but that was where my education finished at 16 years of age,   Over the years I attended many night-school classes, in Art, and even managed 2 years part time at Blackpool Art College foundation course. But the demands of a family and a job meant I had little time to indulge in what was an enjoyable hobby.  


It was not until the boys left home that started to take my art seriously,  Whilst on holiday in USA, we stayed at the home of a friend who was a professional artist, and he helped me to finally produce a painting of one of his beautiful orchids, that I actually felt was good enough to hang on my own wall. ( I still treasure it)  Thanks to my friend, that was the start of my long awaited journey. When I retired after 35 years in the NHS, I joined a local art society, where I continue to receive excellent professional help and advice.


I have since had the pleasure of finding that other people actually like my art, and have sold many paintings, both here in the UK and internationally . 


I paint mostly in acrylic, and I love variety, if it walks, talks, swims, runs, flies or just looks good and interesting, I will have a go at painting it.  I am still learning as I go along. As an artist,  I don’t believe you can ever be  fully qualified, each day just takes you a little bit further along the learning curve.

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