My name is Magdalena Kudla, but people used to call me Madziara and that’s my pseudonym as well. I’m 25 years old. I was born in Poland, but 3 years ago I moved to the United Kingdom and then my adventure was started. 

I'm painting a lot since I was a child, but I never focus on it until I came here. I love abstract art and a lot of colors, which are giving me a lot of energy to paint. 

I like painting a portrait and create new faces. Painting is helping me to relax and While I’m doing it I can create my own world. And I'm trying to show it in my paintings. 

My favorite artist is Picasso who shows us that he can paint, but he can also create. I hope one day I could tell you the same about me. 

Also, I love to do tattoos and In future I would like to focus on it as well.


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