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I am a Polish/Canadian artist who has recently moved to Berlin from Toronto. In 2015 I completed studies as a graphic design student at Ontario College of Art and Design University. After dancing with The National Ballet of Canada I've worked as a dancer with Opera Atelier and as a performer, designer, and Associate Artist to the director at DNA Theatre, Hillar Liitoja. My current focus is on painting, collaging, and diving deeper into the depths of visual arts while continuing my dance, choreography, and artistic ventures.


Abstract visual works and collages have been my latest focus. I paint with acrylics, creating ambiguous and vibrant pieces, hoping to stretch the boundaries of imagination. Sometimes I rely on a spontaneous process resembling a mono-print technique, playing with chance or intentionally creating forms to embody emotions. Having an improvisational impulse of a dancer, I aim for dynamic textures that echo movement and fluidity of the body. I tend to think of my process as tentative choreography with freedom of expression within it. The goal is to create impactful work that is open to endless interpretation, where all eyes see something exclusive. Mostly I just hope to create something stimulating.

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