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Mahnoor is a self-taught painter, from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is an M.Pharm.degree holder, by profession now she is a full time government officer. Since her early days she was good with colours, won quite a few painting contests. But her love for painting still leads her to make enough time to pursue her passion.She believes that institutional art degree is not mandatory for painting that’s why doesn’t have any. She sincerely started doing painting in 2017 and sold through commissions. Most of her work is comprised of natural landscapes,cityscapes, still objects etc. She loves to do her work in different mediums. On canvas she works with oil, acrylic colours and spray paint; on glass sheets she paints using glass colours. Also she is a digital artist, use Procreate software for creating all of her digital arts. She draws her inspirations from the effects of light, colours in the earth, sky and water. Her aim is to escape the reality, make you feel the presence of the work she creates whenever you see her paintings.

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