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Marc Harvill is originally from Houston, TX but also spent much of his childhood in Southeast Kansas. Currently, he resides in Denver, CO where he is a business consultant and director of operations. A busy husband and father of 4, with a first grandchild, recently born, Marc likes to wake up early on Saturday and Sunday mornings when his family is still asleep and dedicate his time to painting. His artistic abilities manifested themselves when he was 3 years old. He was first introduced to oil painting in his senior year of high school. Years later, as a young husband and father studying and working, Marc decided to start painting casually. Money was tight so he could only afford to paint every so often. He got more serious about painting about 12 years ago but really dedicated himself to it about 2 years ago now that his family is growing and he is finding more time to dedicate to it. Marc got introduced to acrylic paints about a year ago and discovered he loved the quick drying time that allowed him to complete the underpainting quicker, often adding oil on top as a final layer and finishing touch. He is a student of all subjects, having painted portraits, landscapes, seascapes, nature, animals, and Christian subjects. Marc considers himself a semi-realist painter and is self-taught. He has always felt that the Lord has blessed him with this ability to share with the world.

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