"Marco Galli is an Italian artist born in 1975 near Milan.

From an early school age in the early 90s, he became passionate about Cubist painting, deepening the works of Pablo Picasso gradually appreciating an abstract, semi-abstract and impressionist vision. Inspiration artists are Wassily Kandinsky, Edvard Munch, Matisse, and the Italian Rodolfo Tonin as well as various contemporary artists.

After a long pause from painting, the loss of his father made him re-emerge with great determination the passion to recompose new works.

He combines his mainly abstract works with neorealist situations, trying to represent events that have marked his life in the past, but also everyday ones.

Marco represents his works in his own visions that are transformed from reality of an object or from a particular situation into a minimal realization. His inspirations are recovered from every day or past events or from particular photographs depicting details of an image or from photographs that at that moment give emotions for particular colors, or emotions such as anguish and worry.

He never wanted to exhibit his works in the past because he always thought that his works were properly "imperfect" and therefore unsuitable for a gallery performance. He also considered how personal work was and as such it could only be understood by the author. No alternative explanation was to be given and interpreted by others. But he was wrong ...

He prefers to represent his paintings on medium and large sizes in order to accentuate his emotions during the processing of the work. The technique used is acrylic."

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