Years of suffering, often unbearable and endless searching for something he didn't even know. Even though he had a few realizations the search always been present until January 2020 suddenly he felt an urge to paint. He thought it would go, but day by day was getting stronger until at the beginning of May 2020 he took a canvas and a basked of acrylic paint. As he started painting, he felt like something was removed from his mind, then in a split second his mind stopped. He realized that he was free, free of the voice in his head, free of judge and jury, free of the nagging Gods,free of shoulds and shouldn'ts, free of all. As he continued painting he felt like it wasn't him who painted it was something he couldn't describes in words, thyen he realized it was the true self, the self free of all.

Whenever he paints he feels like he is guided, guided by something unknown, something that is bigger than the mind, no expectation, not trying to get something, just a flow of energy, it is a mystery.

He doesn't name his work, because whatever the name it wouldn't express and or revile that. He lets a viewer and or viewers to connect with that and see what their heart can see. The expression is much more than any words in any languages can describe.

Soon after , he was invited by VanGogh art Gallery in Madrid to be a part of International Contemporary Artfais in Marbella which is will take place between 24thof September and the 3rd of October. 4 of his paintings will be displayed at the artfair.

Virtual group exhibition organized by DagazArt@Atelier Gallery: 10th- 16th of October.

Competition, and finalist exhibition at the Tall Sequoia Gallery in Canada.

He is taking part in a Competition organise by Luxembourg National Museum, results are unknown yet.

His work is a pure expression of that, what is that, he says it can only be felt or seen beyond the eyes.

His creativity, his painting is his love, life and everything. He will paint until his last breath and more, there is so much to express to put on a canvas that he will have to reincarnate to finish his work.

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