Marek Nespesny studied classical painting techniques at The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. His effort to comprehend and master the creation of a classical painting with all its layers and artistic richness was apparent from the beginning. He has made a lot of old masters copies, which was of
great benefit to his work. Other source materials for his classical paintings are polaroid photos, fashion photos or images found on the internet. What matters most is the artistic potential, not the originality of the theme.

In contrast to the disciplined realistic painting, Marek Nespesny makes also abstract art, though it was not his original intention. The primary impulse was taking photographs of natural phenomena which had strong abstract character. The connecting element of the two styles are the layers of paint. In a classical style the layers of glazes give the painting its deepness. In the abstracts the layers of paint are destroyed and subsequently overpainted. It could be said that to some extent the two different styles influence and enrich each other.

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