'Cherry' 100cmx50cm Acrylic on canvas.jp


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Art is an international language that everyone understands. It connects people, it is equal, it crosses boundaries and it is my passion. 

I am a self-taught artist born in Madrid. I lived in London for many years and I really fell in love with Art whilst living there. I was deeply inspired by the city and its creativity so my painting style evolved.


I went to Putney School of Art and felt an increasing passion for painting. I managed to develop my work by experimenting with new techniques on different mediums and subsequently had my first exhibition in this city.

Years later, I moved to my studio in Madrid and focused on expressionist abstraction and feeling more experimental I started to work in larger formats.


Colour has always been a big factor in my life. From an early age I captured the intensity of colour in landscapes and seascapes inspired by nature.


Currently I am experimenting with acrylic techniques . What are its possibilities? Analyzing acrylic, its behavior mixed with new materials, new colours, strokes and textures.

Painting is like writing poetry on a canvas and the freedom to create is infinite.

Every artwork is a journey that reflects feelings, emotions and experiences in me, on me and around me.


I have exhibited in several places, contests and collaborated with Pasarela Española and VestirArte, a Spanish fashion textile Firm that selects artists and prints for their unique collections (Fashion Show November 2019, see web page/YouTube).

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