Marianna is a painter, production designer. She was born in Budapest, Hungary to a musical family. She studied the violin for 14 years. While studying music she developed an interest in other forms of artistic expression into painting and film.

Marianna has lived in London between 2009-2014. She studied fine art and design at Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London. She has extended her interest in installations, photography, and digital illustrations. By the time she finished her fine art foundation, she decided to focus on production design on film. She has graduated as a production designer at UAL, Wimbledon College of Art in 2014. She has worked as a production and set designer on short films in collaboration with the London College of Communication, Central St Martins, the National Film and Television School, and the London Film Academy.

In 2014 Marianna moved to Grand Cayman where she was independently on her own artworks and concept designs through painting, mixed media, digital illustration, and photography also participating in independent film making projects. Her style is surreal, at the same time slightly comic and largely symbolic.

Right now, she is based in Budapest, Hungary as a freelance artist under the name of Loka Ventures.

Loka Ventures is focusing on creating original paintings and digital designs, also happy to collaborate with other visual artists, filmmakers, writers, dancers, actors, and other art projects.

Awards and Nominations

2019 exhibiting at National Gallery of Cayman Island, Biennial 2019
2017 award winner for best painting Poinciana Art Fest Grand Cayman

2017 nomination for best digital image Poinciana Art Fest Grand Cayman
2016, award winner for best oil painting Poinciana Art Fest Grand Cayman  

2013 winner of 'Best Film' at 5th Loins Short Film Festival, Istanbul 2014 Art directing on short film: Bell Tower Enigma.

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