There is something special about losing track of time and just forgetting everything around you. I can’t think of any better therapy or mindfulness techniques that are better than expressing your creativity.

I am from Denmark, living with my kiwi husband and two kids in Auckland, New Zealand. In my twenties, I made many sculptures and loved being creative, but with a busy life, kids and work, I pushed this passion into the background, but always thought that one day I would get back into it.

It seems like the day has arrived as I can’t stop painting -the house is a mess and the husband gets neglected, but I am sure it will all balance out in the end.

I mostly use acrylic paints, but sometimes I enjoy mixing with oil pastels, and other times I use newspapers or prints in the background.

I have my first 2 paintings in our local gallery up for sale this month in the ‘Upstairs Gallery’ at Lopdell House.

I also recently bought a kiln, which means my head is full of exciting ideas for sculptures. As soon as they are ready they will be for sale here.

I am truly grateful for this opportunity to be able to get my creations out to the world, so thanks again to the emerging artist platform and to everyone who takes a look.

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