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Marie-Manon is a contemporary and abstract artist based in Calgary, Canada. She is working with vivid acrylic paints to create her unique paintings.  Her pieces of art are rich in texture and colors.  Her artworks are abstract and expressive, and each canvas is a display of her emotions and feelings.  She uses large brushes, finger strokes, marks, and scribblings. What emerges is a very emotional and personal visual display.

Marie Manon's process from the first to the last stroke mixes colors by hand to create her ideal tones, applying a lot of texture and movement. 

Creating through art feeds her soul. The canvases provide an outlet for her emotions, imagination, and creativity.

Marie-Manon is a Canadian artist living and working in Calgary, Canada.  After studying for several years at the Calgary School of Art, she is pursuing the development of her skills with renowned instructors on the international stage. She has participated in numerous art exhibitions in and around Calgary, and her work has been sold to many private collectors national and International and is present in a variety of commercial and professional contexts.

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