A lifetime of learning
Trying to control your art/creativity is like trying to control lightning. It may work
for some but after 20 yrs of painting I think I finally learned this lesson.

I've been a self-taught artist my whole life. Growing up in Thompson, Manitoba
I drew a lot as a teenager but after high school art was definitely not a career choice.

I moved to Vancouver when I was 24 and started painting a couple of years later after going through a very painful time. I lost 3 friends in a month and they were much too young. A friend put it best, instead of exploding I choose to explode on canvas and it really saved my life. For the last 8 years, I've only painted here and there. I got caught up doing art for other people instead of myself and it almost killed my spark.

May of this year 2020 I bought a set of 5 canvas and told myself I would just paint for fun. It's the first time In 8 yrs I painted for myself and the outcome

was beyond anything I expected.

I was so focused on the destination that I actually forgot the journey. The process is now fun again! Instead of agonizing over every last detail and trying to polish each painting to perfection like a diamond I'm letting my creativity flow free and doing and not overthinking.

I'm now finishing my work in a few hours or a few days and being able to do

that has been liberating, which literally means "providing relief from a limiting
belief and freedom of thought"

The feeling and positive energy I get is crazy and insane. I used to second guess everything but now starting a painting and being able to walk away in the same

sitting has let loose a tsunami of creative energy that I just can't and won't control.

I'm focused on the process of creating and enjoying the journey no matter what the outcome is. It sounds so cliche I know, but it's true. I hope u enjoy this new chapter of my art and I think the fun I'm having is showing in my work. The response and feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive and that makes me happy. Art is meant to be shared and seen because without that your just looking into a mirror. You can spend a lifetime painting one canvas and paint over and over forever trying to reach perfection which does not truly exist, or you can have fun and not take yourself too seriously and create art that is raw and real and has flaws. Art does in fact imitate life in all its shapes and forms and that in itself is just so beautiful. Be confident and simply believe in yourself, because when we do that, it gives us all permission to do so.

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