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Martina obtained an HND in Visual Communications back in 2008 since then she is inspired by all things that surround her to create visual representations of what she sees with her own eyes. Since qualifying she has developed a huge passion for photography she has a particularly special interest in black and white photography, creating dramatic imagery by experimenting digitally with all areas of photographic settings and getting it just right that it draws the observer of her work into the image.

Over the past four years, Martina has further developed her need of creativity by using a lot of everyday photography she snaps and using various mixed media processes both physical and digital she likes to create abstract works of art. Having recently become obsessed with Netflix's program “Dark” and the concept that we live in various paradox universes, it in turn has made her experiment with refraction art. Being a symmetry lover her work portrays a lot of refraction and symmetry.

Martina is inspired by everything that surrounds her day to day living including nature, landscapes, sunsets, and people. Her main aim with her abstract works is that she wants the observers looking at her work to look way beyond what they initially see. Her work portrays how she interprets and sees things and be warned some of these include vibrant abstract colourings.

“My work I would describe as being a journey into what a daydream of Martina Martin would be. Colours enhance moods and having bright and vivid colouring allows for people to feel happy and almost free. I see myself as a daydreaming gypsy soul and would love to share that love and passion to allow others to feel that also”

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