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As an artist, I always admired the secret side of existence. The struggles and the battles within. Expression is one way to win over our demons. My creativity and expression come from the resilience I showed life. Showing raw emotions on a canvas to confront what is haunting me is like exposing my entire soul to those who want to see it. I let my art do the talking. For some,
it speaks of violence. For others, it speaks of impulsions. I try to raise questions for the onlooker, I try to penetrate their mind and soul and try to unload my emotions into their psyche. My work has to instigate ideas, feelings. I want the public to confront my work and experience a dialogue within. Is it my soul’s reflection I am looking at? A journey on unexplored territory, a voyage of your soul through the expression of my sorrow, my despair. Are we alike?


I was born in 1970 in Quebec, Canada. Growing up in a middle-class family, I have always been drawn towards art. My fascination with images, painting and music was acquired in the early years of schooling. One person was and still is a big part of what I became; Anna. The maternal grandmother was a figure of boundless love and authority. She lived with the family until my teenage years. When she died she left a huge void in my life. 

After studying fine art in Montreal and in New York, I enjoyed very good years showing and selling in many countries. to resume, I let my art speak for itself.

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