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My name is Martin Drescher and I’m a self-taught abstract and figurative artist with high ambitions and a strong determination to reach my full artistic potential.

I want my art to captivate your eyes as well as your imagination and I want it to speak to you and move you. I’m very passionate about what I do and I want that passion to translate into my artwork.

My inspiration comes from the world around me. I try to feel its pulse and translate it into works of art. As I immerse myself in the process of painting that very same world disappears around me.

I like to use different mediums for my artworks but I mostly work with acrylic paint on canvases and I love experimenting with bold colors and dramatic contrasts.

I work very intuitively and process-oriented and my artworks often develop a life of their own. I never know in advance what the end result will be and that’s one of the most thrilling parts of the process.

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