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Martin Schumacher considers himself as primarily a landscape/nature artist somewhere in the broad camp known as “abstract realism.” Not drawn to either conventional realism or straight abstraction, Schumacher strives for something more in the middle, a place where these seemingly contradictory forces might meet and mix.

“When I was younger, I would often say that the purpose of art was to ‘ennoble life.’ While I still love that notion, it’s a bit grandiose, so I’m now more comfortable paraphrasing Francis Bacon, suggesting it’s there to help ‘deepen the mystery.’ ”

Schumacher works primarily with ink combined with various printmaking techniques and multimedia. In many instances he will also digitize an emerging work to further manipulate or enhance the composition. He will also sometimes combine his images together, creating something of a digital collage or assemblage.

In terms of influences, Schumacher points to a number of sources, including and especially the natural world, literature, travel, dreams, and certain European artists during the early stages of Modernism. Some lesser known artists that resonate for him include folks like Lynd Ward, Leon Spilliaert, Russell Chatham, Felix Vallotton, Saul Steinberg, Paul Mazur, Norman Ackroyd, Sallie Mann, Pierre Soulages, Gao Xingjian, Tekla McInerney, Leonard Misonne, Koichi Yamamoto, and Marion Le Pennec.

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