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Marwan Shahin is a 26-year old self-taught artist, digital illustrator and graphic designer who says he’s influenced by pop art and neo-surrealism.With a degree in graphic design from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Shahin’s work has been exhibited worldwide and he’s created album covers for big-name rappers, including M.I.A. and Kid Cudi. Shahin says he loves collaborating with fashion lines on limited collections, and considers himself an ambassador of the graphic t-shirt. Shahin is also the creator of the cover art for Walls of Freedom (From Here to Fame Publishing, 2014) an infamously banned book on Egyptian graffiti.

"I get inspired by pop culture, religion and mostly real life by trying to achieve something surreal that cannot exist in reality. I basically get the ideas flowing in my mind, like why aren’t there niqab-wearing girls who ride Harley Davidson bikes? I try to imagine situations that could stir questions and emotions in the viewer. I’m inspired by the universal language of iconic brands. I want to use that language to express my vision — whether it is my concerns for Egypt’s affairs, or pointing out flaws in our society or just for the sake of art and inspiration. And to inspire others as well".

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