Mary was born and raised in a tiny hamlet in Minnesota and currently lives in Sheyenne, North Dakota (US).  She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drawing from Minnesota State University-Moorhead.  Most of her life was spent behind a corporate desk until she recently decided to pursue her passion for art full-time.  Her artwork has been published in local newspapers and magazines in addition to being featured in a few small galleries.  


Mary had a passion for art at a very young age and loved to spend time outdoors.  She believes the natural world is absolutely beautiful making it her favorite subject to draw or paint.  Nature is spiritual, enlightening the soul through its power and awe-inspiring beauty.  Mary’s mediums of choice are colored pencils, watercolor, and pastel.  Each has a unique application that allows her to explore the creative process in a variety of ways.  Her work is mainly realistic in style with touches of impressionism.  Mary strives to create intriguing artwork that draws you into a moment of a place of inspiration, wonder, and peace.

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