Polish born Artist Marzena Wilkes is a self-taught abstract artist, and mother of two equally creative young daughters who serve as one of her many sources of inspiration. Over the years she has participated in classes to study different forms of artistic expression on the canvas with portraiture and life drawing as her most recent. With the world itself a source of inspiration to Marzena, it made sense
to learn a new way of adapting her vision onto the canvas.

This challenging yet fascinating deviation from her usual style of acrylic based abstracts has served to make her already unique and expressive style even more so. Marzena’s creations are colourful experiments in passion which show deep emotion while remaining pleasing to the eye. Experiments which should be considered great successes given the numerous pieces she has sold to private collectors
and businesses, not just across the nation, but on the global stage.

Marzena has participated in many exhibitions in recent years, which include:
The Virgin Media Art Project and Passion Collaborative Exhibition in Lincoln, 2018.
The “Abstract Family Exhibition” in Lincoln, which she attended with her daughters (3 and 7 at the time). Here she would sell all her largest pieces at the time, which she would consider he first major success.

In 2020, which many would consider quite an erratic year, Marzena only continues to find success. Her pieces would be displayed at the Colour Feast Collaborative in February, a group event in Sleaford, and her pieces would go on to be featured for 9 days at a Lincoln based gallery.
With a personal exhibition under the name “From the Heart” planned for the 2 nd through 8 th of November, Marzena shows that her passion and ambition can only grow and that she as a creator will continue to flourish.

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