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Cartagena, Spain, 1969
Since I was a small child, I´ve always felt that my life had a clearly artistic
I painted from a very young age but life took me to other different directions,
more family-oriented.
In 2003 I took up painting again, training in different techniques and styles, but until 2017, when I made a trip as a volunteer to Ethiopia, I didn't find my true inspiration.
Masqali is born from the look of an Ethiopian girl who knew how to wake me up and made me react.
She lent me her precious name so that I could make my way into the art world.
 My experience there made me understand and translate my feelings, an artistic expression of what is in my soul.
I managed to translate my feelings into what is now my art, an artistic
expression of what is inside me.
My style is abstract working with different textures, some of them comes from
construction or even frorm the kitchen.
My art is a piece of me, of my personal feelings, of the colors that inspire me and it is created to calm the soul.

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