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My name is Matthew Rodriguez, a proud English teacher by day and artist by night. Based in Westport, Massachusetts, a small coastal town along the Atlantic, my painting experience extends as far as only a year. In that time, I’ve battled through mental and emotional obstacles to express my grievances, happiness, and everything in between. This stems from daily battles with ADHD, GAD, OCD, and depression which sometimes make coming up with ideas (and sticking with them) relatively challenging. Although I’m still trying to find my footing in this artform, every piece offers a sense of therapy, and as a result, it offers a piece of myself. I love my day job as it allows me to help others feel good about their work and offer insight on how to improve! With art, I love having the opportunity to feel good about my own work and try to consistently improve. Although my greatest strength and joy in painting come from acrylic pours and soft, abstract art, I thoroughly enjoy painting landscapes and fantasy to break up the monotony. Simply put, my goal is to spread the joys on painting with people who may not realize that it is the perfect world to escape and get lost in.

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