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Born, raised, and still living in a little town called Motala in the region Östergötland Sweden.
I am married to Maud and we have two grown-up boys, and fortunately, I have two grandchildren.

I am a trained carpenter and have worked with that my whole life, I’m not so much a carpenter right now, the job tasks consist of making drawings, counting on jobs, ordering materials and preparing the start of a project.

I started to paint pretty late in my long life. I’m close to self-taught if you don’t count a couple of evening courses me and my wife attended 2013 in how to paint in oil. From that moment on, I was stuck and it gives me great pleasure to paint and I learn new things from every painting.
I am forever grateful to my lovely wife who is always fair in her judgment of my paintings,
without her, I would never develop.
And Peter Hjelm who was a teacher in the early evening courses and after that and still are a mentor with all his knowledge.


My main medium is oil but I am trying out another medium too once in a while.
I find it very relaxing to plan and choose colors before I start the painting,
and I use quite many and thin layers before I am satisfied with the result.

The ideas that to paint I get from various things. It can be from nature, trips, and in later years from my grandchildren who awakes the desire to translate what I see and feel to a painting.
I very much like all the different colors nature provides us with and close to my home is a nature reserve I like to stroll around in and get inspiration. And perhaps the fact that I grew up on a farm with animals also have something to do with it.
I am also fascinated by the relationship between light and dark. In Sweden, we have four Seasons who is very different from each other so the colours and light changes dramatically (and the temperature, brrr).



Motala Art Association Group Exhibition 2017

Motala Art Association Group Exhibition 2018
Konstrakan Tranås 2018

Motala Art Association Group Exhibition 2019
Konstrakan Tranås 2019

Liljevalchs Vårsalong 2020 (The Liljevalchs Spring Salon 2020)

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