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Art has been part of her life since she was a child; now with a new profound
meaning is a passionate way of life. Marialicia Orduña Juárez, “M-Atzin”, is a 26
years old artist born in Mexico City. After she finished university, Intercultural
Development and Management (UNAM), she decided to practice and study
painting by herself in different institutes and empirically working with creativity
every day.

Techniques and Mediums such as oils and watercolours on canvas are her
favourites; also acrylics, in the wall canvas painting. Intense colours are part of
her particular art work plus the realism touch.

Resident of the “Eternal spring city” (Cuernavaca), nature is an important topic
on her paintings such as flowers and local animals. Also, as a dynamic dancer
for many years (Mexica dance, Indian dances, and others for 10 years),
inspiration also comes from the movement of the body and dance itself.

This is the mix of her artwork that wants to express the magic of feelings and
sensations; moments use as connections between people and cultures.


Participation in the painting workshop expositions (2018 and 2019) in the
University of Morelos State (UAEM)
Mural exhibition 2019, in the cultural community center “Los Chocolates”, CCD
(Cuernavaca city, México)
Collaboration in the painting & poetry exposition “Ecos” 2020 (Postponed for

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