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Michèle Caspers was born in 1988 in Germany and is living in Düsseldorf, Germany. Caspers drew from her early childhood, visited art school for five years, and also won painting contests. She sold her first painting when she was 15 years old.

Caspers studied Design (B.A.) in Düsseldorf and after a few years of being self-employed as a designer, she became a full-time artist which was always her biggest passion.

With her paintings, Caspers wants to let people enjoy the moment. “Live is about enjoying the small moments and we often forget this because we are completely trapped in our everyday lives.” Her paintings are an invitation to be in the now and to direct your attention to what is now.

Michèle Caspers's paintings are abstract, calm, and focus on flowing movements where you can find endless details. She uses acrylics, resin, metallic pigments, or real gold leaf for her paintings.

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