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‘One foot in Wales, the other in Bristol’

I have always loved art and have been experimenting with many different techniques since I was in school in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. I took art at GCSE and A-Level and then went onto University to study Philosophy in Reading, including the Philosophy of Art.

Throughout my twenties I worked full-time in Travel and Tourism after completing a second degree in this sector, however, I started painting again in spring 2019 after being diagnosed with myocarditis. This ruled out most physical activity for me for a little while, so I found art to be the perfect remedy for keeping my mind busy. It was a blessing in disguise really as I haven’t stopped painting since!

I continue to spend my early mornings, evenings, and weekends creating new pieces outside of my full-time job. I am inspired by other amazing artists, my mood, and my travels over the years – another passion of mine! I particularly enjoy creating abstract canvas paintings using thick layers of paint to create interesting textures.

I currently live in Bristol with my partner and pooch, where I use the loft of our Victorian terraced house as my art studio.

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